Generac 6022 Gas Powered Pressure Washer Review

Generac 6022The Generac 6022 Gas Powered Pressure Washer comes from company best known for power generation equipment, but who also helped create the portable power washer market. The Model 6022 pressure washer is targeted for residential users or light commercial use. Residential users of power washing equipment need convenience, ease of use, and reasonable pricing. Generac is well-known in the market place for providing superior quality equipment, but how does the 6022 Power Washer stack up on features, performance, price and quality? You need a balanced combination of features and price to be a top choice of buyers. Let us take a look at the features of the Generac 6022 starting with the motor.


Generac 6022 Gas Powered Pressure Washer Main Features


  • 196cc of Powerful Pumping
  • Easy Access to Hose Connectors
  • Nozzles for Almost Every Purpose
  • Large Wheels for Easy Mobility
  • Spray Gun and Hose


196cc of Powerful Pumping


The Generac 6022 Pressure Washer is powered by Generac’s 196cc overhead valve motor with a horizontal shaft. The motor provides a feature overlooked by almost all other manufacturers, a low-oil shutdown system. This feature helps assure the motor is safe from damage if you forget to check the oil. This feature becomes even more important when multiple people use the washer.

The motor is mounted carefully over the axle to ensure ease of movement. The balance of the motor makes it very easy to move the pressure washer around your driveway, yard, or construction area. The motor provides plenty of power to provide you with 2700 PSI and a flow rate of 2.3 GPM (Gallons per Minute).

Pressure washers come in two common varieties, electric powered or gasoline powered. There is nothing wrong with an electric powered washer for most people, but if you want higher levels of mobility and higher power then a power washer with a gasoline motor should be your first choice.

An unusual feature of this pressure washer is found at ground level on the front. Generac is well-known for their eye for details on their line-up of power generators and it shows up on the 6022 power washer, too. They have included a foot rest for you to stand on while you pull start the motor. This eliminates any fears you might tip over the power washer by giving it a solid starting tug.


Easy Access to Hose Connectors


The OHV design of the Generac motor provides a secondary benefit, easy access to the hose connectors. The pump is mounted on the frame at the same height as the motor. On many other brands of power washers the pump is located near the ground, below the motor. To attach the hose requires reaching to the bottom of the washer and in some cases under the motor. This feature may not sound important today, but once you have been using you power washer a few times you will quickly appreciate how much easier this makes setup and tear down of your Generac power washer.


Nozzles for Almost Every Purpose


The Generac 6022 power washer comes bundled with 4 nozzles to handle most common tasks. The nozzles include:

  • 0-Degree Blast – A powerfully focused stream of water.
  • 25-Degree Clean – Power with a wider spray. The 25-degree clean is perfect for intensive washing tasks.
  • 40-Degree Clean – A gentler wider washing spray. This spray pattern is perfect for rinsing off soap, dust, and other light dirt.
  • Soap Nozzle – The soap nozzle is designed to help you apply detergent while deeply cleaning a variety of surfaces.

These four nozzles are the most commonly used ones in the Generac lineup and should cover all of your basic needs. Some for the other Generac models add a 15-degree nozzle for a more focused cleaning spray in between the blast and 25-degree.


Large Wheels for Easy Mobility


A gas powered power washer is heavier than an electric version often making them a little harder to move. Generac solved this issue on the 6022 power washer by using large 10” wheels with the motor and pump perfectly centered and balanced above the wheels. You can turn, tip, and roll the power washer with great ease.

The Generac frame is designed to make sure everything stays perfectly balanced as you move.


Spray Gun and Hose


A power washer must use a high grade spray gun which is easy to handle to be effective and safe. The ergonomic spray gun included with the Generac 6022 pressure washer is nicely balanced in your hands with an excellent gripping surface. The spray gun uses a long metal spray wand making it easy to get to hard to reach places on your home or vehicles.

Generac includes a 25 foot PVC hose on the 6022 model. With the ease of movement and freedom the gasoline powered engine provides you will be able to clean almost anywhere.


Dimensions and Weight


The Generac 6022 is a compact 17.6 wide, 20.6” deep and only 27.1” tall. The compact size makes it easy to maneuver and store. Do not let the small size fool you into believing it is light. This Generac power washer weighs 71 pounds and will weigh slightly more once you fill the fuel tank.


Additional Features


There are a few other features you will find enjoyable on the 6022, including:

  • Quick Click Nozzle Tips – You can change tips in seconds. (Even if you are slow.)
  • Integrated Nozzle Holder
  • Easy Pull Trigger – If you have ever used a power washer or car wash with a hard to pull trigger you know exactly how important this is.
  • 2 Year Warranty

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Standard and Optional Items


There is nothing else required to start using your Generac 6022 immediately. It comes with the following items:

  • 25 Foot PVC Hose
  • Spray Gun
  • 4-Tip Nozzle Kit

You can find a few optional items through Generac including:

  • Paint Touch-up Kits (You can keep your power washer looking brand new.)
  • Wands
  • Nozzle Kits
  • Detergents
  • Water Brooms
  • Maintenance Kits




The pros of the Generac 6022 power washer are power, performance, and quality. The unit is built tough and provides smooth steady power. It is complete with all items you need to start using it immediately and is one of the easiest to use power washers on the market.




A few people have run into problems with pumps or motors on the Generac 6022, but the percentage is very low. With a power rating for 2700 PSI and 2.3 GPM this is not a power washer for the toughest jobs around. It is not the proper unit for stripping paint, industrial settings, or commercial use. Some people report assembling the handle assembly to be slightly tricky, but this is rarely mentioned by most users.


Consumer Ratings


The Generac 6022 Power Washer receives very favorable reviews online. The few complaints were from people who ran into motor or pump problems.




The Generac 6022 Power Washer is competitively priced. It has been listed on various online shopping sites for the price range of $299 – $349.




The Generac 6022 Gas Powered Pressure Washer is a great choice for home owners for cleaning cars, exterior walls, fences, and other normal cleaning chores around the home. It is not intended for heavy commercial use. If you are seeking a high-quality, low-priced power washer with outstanding features for your home you need to include the 6022 in your comparisons.

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